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July 20, 2008

Where is the Woodpecker?

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aha-ha-ha-aha-ha-ha-hahaha- This laughing style sounds familiar in cartoon world. Yeah, the laughing of the woody bird named Woody Woodpecker. The first time I saw this cartoon film, I found the new sense of the cartoon characters, the trouble maker and funny woody-bird. Getting curious with this bird, I try to look for some information. And I found that the woody-bird was created in 1940 (its older than me, huh :D). The creator of the cartoon is Walter Lantz.woody

Woody was one of the most popular icons of the 1940s, and even got a song created for him, entitled (what else?), The Woody Woodpecker Song. It was recorded by Kay Kyser, and sung by Gloria Wood and Harry Babbit, in 1948. The song was a smash hit in June, 1948 (selling over 250,00 records within ten days of release). To help cash in on the popular tune, Lantz had the song rushed into his latest picture, Wet Blanket Policy, with Wood and Babbit supplying vocals. The cartoon has the honor of being the only one ever to be nominated for an Oscar for Best Song.

I miss woody woodpecker show time on tv now…


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